And THIS is why I'm switching to Fuji from Sony...

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Re: And THIS is why I'm switching to Fuji from Sony...

LPoe wrote:

Reposting a post I made in another thread on thissame subject. Sums up my feelings about the two companies.

To me, Sony appears to be throwing a bunch of stuff on the wall to see what sticks. The problem is they are also (IMO) being incredibly indecisive. First there were the alpha cameras with SLT, The Then they had the NEX line and it was doing great from a sales standpoint but they seemed to abandon, and we got the A series, and now a new "NEX" camera. All the while there has been no real lens support. To me the whole thing says that they lack confidence in their ability to pick a successful direction. I don't think they will have a proper lens roster until they actually pick a platform and direction.

Contrast that with Fuji... the X-Pro 1 was announced in January 2012, just two years ago! In that time Fuji has developed a true photographic platform with entry, mid, and high level bodies. Top notch Prime and Zoom lenses, but also cheaper, more entry level zoom lenses. The latest addition of a weather sealed body, and within a few months weather sealed lenses to match. And of course there is that lens roadmap that has been surprisingly, though not 100% accurate.

When I look at the offerings from the two companies the phrase that comes to mind is "Comfortable in their own skin" Fuji is, Sony isn't.

Sony will pick something eventually and it'll probably be good, but how long is that gonna take?

At a certain point you're not buying a camera, you're investing in a system/platform. That's the real strength of Canikon. People are invested in the platform and the more lenses and accessories they have the harder it is to switch. Fuji is going all out to build their own platform and they're doing it through quality product design, unparalleled product support (Firmware for discontinued models, etc) and just plain old listening to their customers and actually acting on the feedback. Not only do they make high quality products, they also actually seem to care what we say! Amazing! That's why they get my money, and I don't see that changing any time soon.

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Sony always did that trick with throwing stuff on wall. This is one of the assurance with sony. Every few years they have some new radical direction....but the purpose is to really sell the same thing multiple times to the same people. Works like charm so far. Even the battery sizes change so rapidly that you can't keep track with all the letters. I have plenty of sony gear and it is always a chore to find what fits in what and what can charge what.

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