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Re: What and why....?

Roland Karlsson wrote:

Scott Greiff wrote:
You clearly do not understand where I'm going with this: telling me this won't help. The only thing I can surmise is that you're trying to make Sigma look bad.

Arvo is one of the good guys.

Sigma sells lenses and cameras. If you want them, buy them. If you want the camera for the file format, and they won't give it to you, and it upsets you, then don't buy the camera. Easy as that.

So, let me try to explain what this is all about.

I think this technology needs attention from the research community and interested people. The main reason why Bayer CFA is so good and dominating is that there are lots of research on how to do the conversion. This is nothing one company can do by themselves.

To be able to participate you need to be able to dechiffer the raw data and the meta data from the RAW files. To be able to extract the data and know what they means.

Yes, you can crack it. And that gives you some skills and satisfaction. But, it does not bring the technology forward.

I don't think so. We are talking about algorithms. For that, you just need a mathematical model of the sensor. And this, you already have. You know the spatial structure, the optical properties of silicon and the electrical properties of an optical CMOS sensor.

To develop an algorithm it should even be enough to know the 4:1:1 structure and a rough estimate of the colour overlap which you get from their presentations and papers. This is how science works.

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