WARNING: issues with B&H and A7

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Re: WARNING: issues with B&H and A7

The problem is that so many people have this buy and try mentality. How many times do you see people post that they will buy camera A, camera B and camera C. Use them all for a week to decide which one to keep and return the other two. What do you think happens to those other two?

That's why so many retailers have instituted restocking fees now.  Then they can sell the item as a open box at a lower price without taking a hit.  I think that's why B&H instituted a max shutter count on returns.  So that they can resell them as "new".  Not checking to see if there's a memory card and not resetting it to factory defaults is unexcusable though particularly on a $2,000 product.  They should do a full inspection before reselling any returned product.  Personally, I rather they implemented a restocking fee and sold things as open box.

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