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Re: C&C Night shot

Brian I think what will help is if you learn your metering types and focus points.

Try this.  Put your camera on Aperture Priority "A" and then change your metering to spot.  Select your aperture for example f2.8 also ISO on 100 or Auto.  The moon is very bright.  Now change your focus method "left on the four way controller to 1 area.  You can change the size but the default size is fine.

Now focus on the moon.  The Spot metering will tell the camera to adjust the shutter speed to expose for the light in that focus point.  You can use EC easily from there.

If you choose to use 23 area focus which ever focus point locks on, that is where the exposure is metered from on spot, so that can be difficult if it grabs a dark or light spot.  So I usually lock my focus and exposure with the back button AEL/AFL on the center 1 area focus point, then recompose, and press the shutter.  For the moon just place the point and focus with the shutter and shoot.

I actually dont mind some lens flare but make sure your hood is on if you want to reduce it.  Or block stray light with your hand.

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