Going prime...1st findings

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Going prime...1st findings

Thought I'd share my findings after acquiring my first lens, a fixed length prime for my NEX 5N. I guess quite a few ILC or even DLSR newbies and intermediate users may be thinking similar thoughts...

It took me long enough to take the plunge. Around a year, perhaps more, I had been browsing lens upgrade options. The main concerns for me with the kit 18-55 3.5-5.6 lens with the Nex were lack of DOF control, poorish low light ability and pretty poor edge distortion on any shots taken with it.

The above limitations were enough for me to stop using it in favour of my pocket RX's. The distortions/blurring were the worst, even visible at screen resolution.

BUT my upgrade options always seemed lacking: the available zooms for the NEX were pretty poorly reported as being similar in terms of edge blurring, and I just could not get my head around "going prime".  I know I could have considered 3rd part with adapters, but it all just seemed a confusing blur of options

Then, when I got my RX100ii I just found I did not touch the NEX at all. The RX100ii was filling my needs 100%.

So my thoughts turned with much greater interest to the idea of getting a prime lens for the NEX. I started to think "how bad can it get?" - I mean, the NEX had been well and truly "benched" so what was the risk of getting a prime to improve DOF, IQ, etc even if I found the FL lacking in a lot of cases. So I ordered the SEL 35F18 for the NEX, a 35mm prime with 1.8 max aperture.

Not a cheap lens, cost me 450chf all told - around 500 usd including delivery and taxes, etc.

The lens has exceeded my expectations, it improves IQ in all areas.

But that's not really the reason for my post here. It's all background.

What has surprised me most is the switch I have made, almost like, in a hugely trivial-by-comparison-way, when a new baby arrives in the family (all the worry and concern over integrating it into ones life, just melt away when it arrives), to accept it wholeheartedly as my new primary tool for photography.

I really thought it would be a case of using it when the FL suited, but I am finding I am using it all the time and just making the FL work. Because of the DOF possibilities, because of the low light possibilities, because of the much better sharpness across the frame, it's become an addictive proposition to grab the camera at all opportunities again.

I know this will wear off, but for the moment, I am a prime convert!

To sum up, anyone considering taking the plunge but worried that a fixed FL lens will limit them, just go for it. I don't think you'll regret it.



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