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So what this article really is about...

Geedorama wrote:

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Ideally, the lens captures what the eye had in mind...but the damn thing won't listen.

this article really make me think that Canon, Nikon and every manufacturer should just stop their stupid proprietary mount stupidity.

they should all get together and develop an international standard mount with an internation standard communication protocol between lens and body. like computer companies have done for the last few decades, so we can get compatible USB peripherals, or DVI/VGA screens, etc.

every camera we would get would be compatible with almost every lens, except for jump in versions of course, which could be worked around with manual controls.
then some manufacturers could focus exclusively on lenses, and others exclusively on bodies, others could optimize one specific lens for a specific body (RX1, my precious !)...

then we could all trust any manufacturer we want, we could even be fanboys, it would not matter at all.
we would all invest without fear of obsolete/incomplete systems or of companies failing to take the right turn at each technology gap

we could all focus on taking photos !

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