Full Size Image Champaign Splash! D800E + 58mm. What do you think?

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Re: Full Size Image Champaign Splash! D800E + 58mm. What do you think?

Hi there and thank you of the feedback. I hope the image here can help demonstrate a little bit from the setup. This was a two light setup one light (Einstein) for the backdrop with a 7" reflector and another light with a reflector as well straight overhead to highlight drops and glass rim.

I will repeat this effort tomorrow and add another light with a snoot to light the front of the glass to light the front + berry like suggested. Can't add braod lighting in the front to not lose the splash but I will try to light the center of the glass only.

jaypike wrote:

Awesome! And inspiring! I'd love to know more specifics of how you set this up. It looks simple enough.

Personally, I like the low-key nature of this specific image, but, I can see the previous posters points but only if you would want to offer a range of different versions of the same concept.

Commercially, this has value, but, most clients want a whole spread of the same concept so they can make their choice.

For instance, this would would make a perfect split page spread for something with a title like "make a splash"... and yes, shooting dead center in the image is most desirable so the client can choose which orientation they want to use the image in based on ad purchases.

Nicely done... a great stock photo shot here!

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