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Re: Basic Point: It is all about the lenses

rrccad wrote:

Russell Evans wrote:

I think I would rather buy new excellent lenses for a new mount for the first time, than be having to face rebuying all my lenses to get the better, much more expensive, version II or III models, like Canon and Nikon owners are having to think about in order to keep up with sensor resolution. I don't know who has the type of money to throw down a couple of grand on a lens, in a multitude of $2000 plus lenses needing to be acquired, and I also don't know who wants to carry around ten or twenty grand worth of gear, or lug around fifteen to twenty pounds on their backs?

and you think FE 70-200/2.8 or super tele's are going to be much different? the FE 24-70/4 and 70-200/4 aren't that much different than their larger registration distance cousins, and certainly not cheaper.

the resale value I'd argue is much higher with canon and nikon with their larger installed bases, making "lease cost" of lens / camera upgrades over time far cheaper.

These new lenses are expensive because it's a niche market.
Sony knows they wont sell many of those for now, so they try to recoup the cost of unsold lenses
if they knew they could sell truck loads these new lenses everyday, they would sell it at cost.

when a manufacturer starts a new mount they feel obligated to make some "standard" set of lenses, because there are still people, with archaic ways of thinking and ancient expectations of how it should be, buying gear.
so a quality standard zoom and a quality telephoto zoom is always on the priority list for higher end cameras/mounts, even if they won't sell to the real buyers of the new cameras

i would even venture and say that if they could, Sony would much prefer selling only bodies, and never touching the lens market (i know it's ridiculous, but it's to show you the extreme case of what i mean)

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