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Re: The guy is an irrelevant dinosaur

Robert Morris wrote:

wb2trf wrote:

What happens to people who believe stuff like this is that when finally their old ship sinks they don't understand what hit it. He's living in the past. In a cocktail of old blather he may mix a few truths, by accident, but basically his day is done. He's just wandering blind over the field, wrapped in his antique self-importance. Someone should get him a rocker.

So exactly what are you adding to this conversation by attacking someone who probability knows more about the camera, electronic, computer and software industry than anyone. So what are you credentials, T.W.I.T., or are you just an internet wannabe!

Credentials? Ha. I'm in kindergarten, and I can see better than he can.  He is not worth wasting substantive time on.  His blog is about dslr's, he writes books about Nikon dslrs.  He has a vested interest in those electromechanical dinoraurs.  How can anyone take someone seriously who can't see the writing on the wall: electromechanical is obsolete, and he goes out the window with it.  Get it:  It doesn't matter who says it or doesn't, or what their credentials are, it can't be avoided or stopped.  It has nothing whatsoever to do with trusting any camera company. They are powerless, as the technology and the market will put an end to mirrors in the light box, just as surely as it did to every other mechanical contrivance for which an electronic substitute was developed.  There will only be cell phones and mirrorless cameras.  And it doesn't matter a whit what any particular camera company does, or what anyone says, or what anyone's credentials are.  He will retire with dslrs probably.  Snore.

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