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Re: my suggestion of your basic error

liquid stereo wrote:

Mike Fewster wrote:

His logic is good, but is built on sand. He is still thinking of cameras the way we thought of them in the 60's. He wants a "system", just like we used to have when the technology advanced slowly nd most changes were happening in the film processing.

The technology is just changing too fast today. Two years ago, if I had wanted a full system, small format camera, mft would have been my format of choice. If I had done that, arrival of ff small bodied cameras would have me looking for a new system today. And so on. I simply cannot see a system any longer that meets my needs and I can only see the choices getting more complex. The answer now appears to be not to worry about a system, but to get different cameras for specific needs and just pick up the one that suits my needs for a particular shoot.

Lens technology does not change. It hasn't. This is why Sony has been able to come up with a new camera every 3 to 5 months and not nearly enough lenses for all the cameras. 7+ years after taking over the A-mount, they've finally come out with a 70-200/4. Finally.

A for your potential/hypothetical switch from M43 to a ff small bodied camera, here's a suggestion: Buy the camera/product that meets your needs. If/when it stops, then buy something else. You need not subscribe to the camera subscription model. And, I'll also say that as someone who has switched systems, the money spent on lenses – especially quality lenses – is seldom/never lost, while the money spent on cameras – again, Sony has a new one every 3 to 5 months – is seldom returned/recovered.

Lesson: Digital cameras are disposable as the technology evolves quickly. Lenses, flashes, teleconverters, etc. are not.

Of course I agree that cameras change faster than lens technology, although it is how I used to think a decade ago. Changing iso abilty of cameras has changed the need for very fast lenses. Changing systems of AF has changed lens compatibility. Changes in IQ and dynamic range has changed whether or not I need a ff or DX system and the matching lenses. Lens correction software is changing some of the choices I might make in buying a lens. The interaction of camera/lens/sensor/ program is now a much more fluid thing with many variables and a future that is difficult to predict. I regard my gear now as consumer items and do not want to feel locked in to a system (with the possible exception of my RX1 which is truly a thing of beauty in its own right).

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