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What happens to people who believe stuff like this is that when finally their old ship sinks they don't understand what hit it. He's living in the past. In a cocktail of old blather he may mix a few truths, by accident, but basically his day is done. He's just wandering blind over the field, wrapped in his antique self-importance. Someone should get him a rocker.

So exactly what are you adding to this conversation by attacking someone who probability knows more about the camera, electronic, computer and software industry than anyone. So what are you credentials, T.W.I.T., or are you just an internet wannabe!

An anonymous non-entity in the world of photography calls out of of the most recognized names in the field.


maybe he is no one, but he is not wrong because of that.

he actually has a point in saying that the article was written with the assumption that the camera world and photographers need and thinking has not changed in the last 50 years. while lots of things changed just the last 5 years...

many here will say the same thing about this now : you don't look to buy a system now (it was not even about loyalty, it was more about being taken prisoner of a brand because of the lens prices).
canon and nikon have a hard time hopping on the mirrorless train because they cannot let go of their precious legacy lens line up. if they do that they will lose all their advantage. you can see Nikon answer when they released the Df.
People now have to look at bodies as seriously, if not more, as they look at lenses.
you no longer buy a set of lenses with a compatible body, with good rolls of films. you buy a into a body technology and feature set, with some lenses that fit your photography. if one is not enough to cover all your photography needs, you buy another different body technology with different lenses.
it's now very close to consumer electronics market recycling times.
the used market is even getting a huge boost because of that. someone's old camera is someone else's new toy in a matter of months only, and very old, rare, quirky lenses constantly resurfaces.
Thom Hogan want to be able to trust one camera maker because he wants the old ways back. buy something that will last 20-40 years. while this is great for the environment, the planet and all that, it is not the world we live in anymore.
he knows he cannot trust canon nor nikon because they won't be able to give us innovation, and he wants to trust sony but cannot because of his old habits.
Trying to push that on us only means he cannot handle his fears and inability to adapt to the current times ?

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