Lens Cap keeper, replacing the looped string/thread

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Lens Cap keeper, replacing the looped string/thread

I hate the thought of losing lens caps and tend to buy after market jobs with a loop to attach a lens cap keeper of looped string/thread so one does not lose the said lens cap.

The Panny Lumix LX-3 (which I own) and the Fujifilm HS50EXR (also which I own) provide these looped string/thread to ensure the lens cap is not lost.

I've looked for suitable replacement string/thread and saw that polyester woven string/thread for beading might a suitable replacement.

HOWEVER, this was not readily available so I tried the bricklayers strait-line which is a super thin chalk replacement line. Less than A$4 for a small reel of 100 feet. Easily found in any good hardware store.

The finished product you want looks like this!

You start by knotting the loop of string (as I'm not a boy scout or a sailor, I can't tell you the type of know I used - but it works).

With this knot about 1/3rd down the loop, make another knot so as to create the figure 8 double loop.

Pull tight to finish.

It's cheap and effective.

I hooked up a dumb bell of 5 lbs to one of the completed product. No sign of strain or breakage whatsoever.

If you are pedantic about how it looks, you may use some shrink wrap to finish off.  I'm sorta lazy and if it looks DIY, so what?

I've save time and effort using this bricklayers chalk line instead of trying to track down the specialist beading string/thread (the closest place I could find was in Yarraville, which is the other side of town from me).  After all there are far more hardware stores around than specialist beading supplies.

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