Thinking about what to get - prime to complement 12-40

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Re: Thinking about what to get - prime to complement 12-40

AndyW17 wrote:

I will probably make the move to the E-M1 soon, and intend to get the 12-40. But I'm also thinking I may want a fast prime for low light. The question is - which?

My shooting is not "portraits". I would rather have the ability to shoot indoor in-home social situations without flash, or have the option to do tourist photography (churches and such, night scenes) with a relatively fast lens. So I was thinking either the 12mm, 17mm 1.8 or a 25mm fast prime. Would the 17 be a waste of money given it overlaps the zoom? Or is the extra stop worth having for the purpose I've described? I would assume a 12mm might be too wide for general purpose use (not to mention $$). The 45 seems too long for use inside a house, having played around with it.

I've got an E-M1, and I shot with an E-M5 through all of 2013. I purchased a 12-40 with my E-M1, to add to the 14/2.5, 25/1.4, 45/1.8 and 40-150 I already had.

Let me say this: I took 11200 pictures in 2013, and probably 95% of them were with the 25/1.4. I *love* that lens. I love the focal length, I love its low light capabilities, I love everything about it. I think you'll find that to be a common opinion around here.

I adore the shots I get with my 45/1.8, but I find I rarely use it. Inside a house, it's good for parties, if you're taking candid shots. But for posed shots, the 25mm is better.

If I had to choose just two lenses, it would be the 25/1.4 and the 12-40. Even though the focal length is overlapped, I'd much rather use the 25/1.4 indoors, for the better light gathering and because it's a lot smaller. The 12-40 is my new favourite outdoors lens.

In one of your replies you mention the IBIS. That can add a lot when shooting something that's still. Here's a shot I did with a shutter speed of 0.8s It doesn't add a lot if you're shooting a moving person though, especially kids.

I hope this helps!

Jay P.

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