ZS40/TZ60 vs the competition

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Re: ZS40/TZ60 vs the competition

Ianperegian wrote:

21st Hermit wrote:

For me the SX700 doesn't belong in this comparison, it has no GPS.

Regarding GPS, for you it is obviously of prime importance, but I don’t think that’s the case for many others. I don’t use the GPS on my ZS30. Apart from GPS the SX700 has features that are very similar to the other two models. BTW, the SX700 has WiFi and NFC, as described on the Canon site here.

I think we have a divergence of the market. The ZS40 is clearly a Travel-Zoom, a market Panasonic invented some years ago, to be a T-Z a GPS is essential for POIs, maps, geotagging, logging, etc. The SX700 is a Pocket-Super-Zoom without a GPS. While a T-Z can be a P-S-Z, a P-S-Z cannot be a T-Z.         Perhaps Canon intends to abandon the T-Z market, for sure if the SX700 is the replacement for the SX280.

Clearly, as you point out, the SX700 is a high end P-S-Z with WiFi and NFC. I see the SX700 as a price leader, given that GPS requires an expensive 3rd party chip which greatly increases the selling price. If no SX290 emerges, then we'll know.

Yes I want a T-Z, just as you appear to want a P-S-Z.

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