EM1 at 1600 ISO, is this to be expected?

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Re: EM1 at 1600 ISO, is this to be expected?

PeterTX wrote:

I underexposed to get the light level and sky to be pretty much like it was looking in real life. Should I have done something else to get the light at the right level and sky to look the way it should?
Appreciate any guidance on how I could have done it better.
I didn't have a tripod with me and my aim was to take the shot without a tripod to see how the camera did. But curious if there was a better way to do it. Still learning.

1.3 ev is a Lot of underexposure. If you rethink back to film days you could never underexpose that much. This is the reason why people use Neutral Density filters. To get "true" or dramatic sky colors a ND filter and/or a polarizing filter is indispensable.

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