Interesting read by Thom Hogan

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Re: Interesting read by Thom Hogan

Geedorama wrote:

Respectfully, this just makes me feel old. How many lenses do you need? My first pro job was in 1965 for Ford Motor. I've used view cameras. How many lenses did I need to do everything I needed to do? I've used Hasselblads? How many lenses were there in their lineup? I've used Leica. How many lenses make up a nice and useable kit? (hint, viewfinder) I liked Leica CL as a small carry camera with just a 40 and a 90. I moved to a Contax G as a small carry camera (carrying a view camera 24/7 is a bit tiring). How many lenses there? Fortunately, I kept the 28, 45, and 90 and use them on my NEX7.

Sometimes there is a need for exotic lenses. I have gear lust as much as anyone, but a limited list of lenses from a camera company is not a barrier to your taking great photos.

I've taught photography part time, for the pleasure, including at a school of architecture. One lesson was to use one lens and one camera until it feels like a part of you. Until you can operate the camera without any thought. Know what the scene will look like through your lens before you raise the camera to your eye. When done, you can move on to a second lens. The photographer's attention needs to be on the relationship between the photographer and the subject. If the photographer's attention is on the camera, good photos will appear on the contact sheet only by chance.

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