a6000 faster than OMD E-M1, faster than most DSLR's (if not all). Good job SONY.

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Re: Faster for 3 seconds?

stevo23 wrote:

GaryW wrote:.

Let's separate "autofocus speed" from "burst rate and buffer size". I certainly don't mind a faster AF speed, but 10fps for 20 seconds is a pretty obscure need. But I guess need is all relative and can mean anything to anyone if you want to belabor that point.

Oops - thanks. I didn't mean autofocus speed, I meant frame rate. I'm just pointing out the absurdity of such an unqualified statement as "faster than any DSLR". Autofocus speed is also nearly useless if it's not coupled with high accuracy. The fact that most cameras don't have a 100% accuracy rate means that 2 in 10 (or whatever) shots will not be critically focused.

I can allow manufacturers a bit of hyperbole. You're right that AF speed also needs to be reasonably accurate. I think any tests are bound to be plagued with problems. Under what kind of artifical conditions and how many allowable misses?

The bottom line is that shooting 10fps for 20 seconds is not a very common need, and not something I want to pay for if it is going to cost so much extra.

Not arguing that, only arguing the absurdity of these specs and trying to claim their faster than something else. It's also absurd to crow about 11 fps if you can only burst it for a few seconds and/or if it only applies to jpgs or whatever. Again, you get what you pay for.

11fps for a few seconds isn't absurd, particularly when it's an improvement over the previous model. Either you don't need the feature, it matches your requirements, or you need even higher performance. If you mean sure it has fast fps but you need it for 20 seconds, that's fine, but I think that's the more rare case. And if you have this need, as a professional, why not pay for it? You'll also pay in size, not just money. The best reason to get these cameras is to have a more portable camera.

I wouldn't expect the DSLR to "die", necessarily, but it does seem like Sony might end up with mirrorless A-mount cameras down the road. Would you still call it a DSLR? Effectively, it'll be the same technology and design as the Nex or other MILC cameras.

They do call it a DSLR don't they? It kind of has a mirror.

Until it doesn't have a mirror.  Otherwise it will be shaped the same, use the same lenses with the same mount, etc.

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