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Re: Interesting read by Thom Hogan

Thom has a great grasp on the past and certainly understands the DSLR market.  But I am not clear if he is too much a photo pro to put his shoes into those of the iphone loving masses or even the D800 shooting amateurs.

So what do consumers want?  Do they want high end chunky glass?  Do they want light weight glass?  Do they want FF cameras? Do they prefer smaller iphone cameras (many do)?  How much are they willing to spend on a camera?

I think the writing is on the wall.  Everyman has a phone that can be used as a computer, a phone, a browser, a camera, basically a multi-media do all tool.  Where does that leave camera manufactures?

There will always be those that enjoy making images, but I am thinking photography will never grow much beyond what it is now. 10 years ago one needed a dedicated camera to capture images. Now everyone I know has a camera built in a phone. So will they invest in dedicated cameras like the A6000, or D610, or d4s? I think many have become quite satisfied with the camera in their phone, and they continue to get more feature rich.  I go to events and see a ton of camera phones and a few higher end models. The camera phones are growing while dedicated cameras are shrinking.

Where does that leave the dedicated camera market?  What is the overall market, and where will that be tomorrow?  That is the question that manufactures are attempting to predict, and have been for decades!

OTOH I see security cameras everywhere, at intersections, in stores, everywhere! ...  disturbing!

If I had these answers, (or if Thom did) we would be sitting around lighting our cigars with hundred dollar bills! 

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