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Hi everybody. First post ever, so if you wish, can flame me.

Anyways, the A7 autofocus should be improved via firmware. In daylight conditions its ok, however it can become hesitant in less then ideal (contrasty) situation. And i have experience with the 35 mm, not the 55, which i read is slower in this respect.

As i understand the R model was developed for more static, kinda slomo situations, whereas the Rless model with 120ish PDAF detectors for faster operation. And thats an excellent idea. Now jump to the reviews, and what U see is that there is no major difference in lower light AF-ing quality, well me personally cant prove that, -dont have both cameras- is just what i read.

And here comes the A6000. Very nice camera, compact-simple-fast. Very fast. Now, really dont care about worlds fastestbiggestshortestblahblah, but dont U think its kinda strange? On one hand there is the A7 with soso AF, three month later, with a relatively smaller sensor the 6000 with the worlds best AF, as Sony proudly claims it to be.

I think its a reasonable expectation to have some of that tech injected to the A7. If they do, i promise i buy the 55mm. If not, oh well........ Will keep takin pictures

Not really. Designs and development cycles are to blame as well as marketing or whatever.

First - no one who really shoots will buy a camera just because it has faster autofocus or a higher frame rate. Look at the A7 audience - so many of us are happy because we can go out and hunt down the best of the best lenses - manual focus or not. We couldn't do that with a Canon or Nikon because they only take DSLR lenses. This is the A7 audience - we seek ultimate image quality and features.

Look at it this way - why does Nikon have only a 24Mp sensor (we assume) in the up and coming D4s and yet the D800 currently sports a superior 36Mp sensor with the highest DR, lowest noise, highest resolution of any digital 35mm format camera? And yet their latest has 24Mp that isn't as nice as the D800 sensor? Any thoughts? (Hint, target audience...)

Hint: the 36 meg sensor is FAR noisier and the electronics too SLOW for a lot of pro work

wrong ! not huge noise at all.

still, by your original logic, the ones that paid premium for the pro cameras would want the resolution advantage on their cameras, they should feel cheated that Nikon released a lower end camera, cheaper with better technology after they bought their camera.

Damn Nikon !
Canon is even worse, they release new camera model with just one updated feature every year, oh my god ! you are forced to spend money every year by Canon because you know they will release something new !

Damn Canon !
Damn them all ! you should just throw away all your photography gear, and never touch a camera for all the rest of your life, so you won't encourage any kind of business practice at all !

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