Pentax vs. Nikon....are there any Pentax shooters that have used a d7000 or d7100?

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Re: Wiggle room

Midwest wrote:

The Pentax will give you lots of wiggle room - in the viewfinder. That IBIS stabilizes the sensor but leaves you and the camera's sensors (AF and metering and of course the viewfinder) with an un stabilized jittery image. The longer the tele the more the jitter. I like my viewfinder stabilized and for my AF and metering to have a stable image to work with. On a DS LR, that means optical stabilization. (Thom Hogan confirmed this to me.) IBIS sounds good but it makes very little sense on a DSLR. On a mirrorless, yes. But not on a DSLR.

Whoa!  I thought I got dropped in the Cannon crop sensor forum for a second.  Who is this Thom Hogan guy anyway?    Pentax calls it SR and it is done by physically moving the sensor a minute amount.  I have never noticed much wiggle in the view finder but if it were there it would make me try to improve my holding technique.  IBIS is a Sony or Oly technique.  I think they work very well also.  Besides any lens I use can have the SR switched on or off  and a lot of lenses are made without optical stabilization among the big makers.  You ever use a camera that has this feature much?


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