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D7100? A7? E-M1? E5?

Garretray wrote:

I've been a loyal Olympus DSLR user since my E500. Upgraded to the E510 and finally to the E30.. I've aquired a couple lenses (14-54 and 50-200) along with the 1.4TC, FL-50R and a number of Heliopan filters.

Question, Olympus has obviously done away with their full size DSLR and gone Micro. The E5 isn't enough of an upgrade and the OM-D E-M1 seems to have a problem with AF using the lenses I own.

Not interested in spending $3k+ for an EOS 5D and have to buy new lenses and accessories.. Any recomendations? Been looking at the Pentaz K-3?

There are multiple choices out there once you enter the $1,500 price range. And once you enter this price range, whatever you get is going to have the capability to deliver excellent quality images.

Even though you’ve eliminated an E-M1 from the equation, prices on the E-M1 are dropping. Olympus Americas has listings for a “Refurbished” E-M1 for around $1,119. Add the MMF-3 adapter for $79 (“Refurbished” at Olympus Americas) and you can use your legacy glass. However, no matter what you tell yourself now, you will eventually start thinking about native (m4/3) lenses to add. So the “savings” is bound to evaporate over time.


Even though you’e eliminated the E5, take a look at a used E5 ($950 at KEH) and add one of the more recent higher-end RAW converters, and continue to enjoy your 14-54 and 50-200 to their full potential.

Alternatives might be a “Refurbished” D7100 body for $920 (Cameta Camera), used at KEH for the same price or take a look at the Sony A7 body at around $1,700. And yes a top lens for either system will be costly – but no more so than any other system.

The problem right now is that the $1,500 price point has a lot of choices out there and it’s probably going to get more competitive as Nikon and Canon try to retain their current growth numbers. And given the apparent stock reduction prices from Olympus Americas recently, if you’re not pressed for making a decision immediately, wait a bit…

Or finally,

Pick up a current high-end RAW converter and see what you still have with the 12mp E30. You can get on your desktop, get close to the equivalent of the current in-camera processing for a fraction of the cost.

At any rate, Good luck with whatever you decide on!

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