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Euell wrote:

Son Of Mustang Ford wrote:

Euell wrote:

How could Sony put better AF in its APSc line (A6000) than in its recently created full frame line? What were they thinking? Owners of the A7 and A7r must be really disappointed that their cameras were not endowed with this better technology, since they bought them just in the last few months.

They were probably thinking something like ''it's not quite ready yet''. Now it is. Technology is constantly improving, by the time the 2nd generation A7's hit the market focus will have improved again.

No doubt, but since the product introductions were scant months apart, you would think that the top of the line would get the best AF.

Scant months apart? A6000 just "announced" but not even shipped yet. By the time it actually starts shipping it would be close to half years of difference. Sound like sour grapes to me from an APSC owner stucked permanently with his overloading pile of lens. Clearly the only value to the camera for you is AF speed. Good for you, and enjoy your outdated list of gears.

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