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Re: Crop stuff

Guy Parsons wrote:

Get the instructor to read this page http://dpanswers.com/content/tech_crop.php as it seems to be the best one around explaining this sort of stuff.

If he refuses to read it then bye, bye, waste of time being there.

Regards...... Guy

Perhaps it was just a bit of miscommunication between the OP and the instructor?

From that article - "Some photographers, however, have worked for a long time with 135-format film and are used to thinking about FOV in terms of focal lengths of lenses attached to 35 mm film cameras instead of degrees. For them, the crop factor is a convenient way of computing the 35 mm film “equivalent” or “effective” focal length from the real focal length."

Maybe this is what that instructor was trying to explain. That APS-C or m43 aren't being cropped in any way - for example, that m43 20mm 1.7 lens actually do have a focal length of 20mm, and that it is only 40mm when you think about it in terms of full frame cameras. It's just a convenience for people who are too used to working with 35mm films.

Of course, the instructor's response afterwards seems very unprofessional, and would have offended me too.

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