Misinformation about m4/3

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Re: Misinformation about m4/3

El Chubasco wrote:

dennis tennis wrote:

Are you expecting everyone in the world to have the correct information about everything?

Do you consider mFT fanbos who goes around saying that mFT is the future and everything else are dinosaurs to be the same misinformed group or do you hail them as heroes.

You vent because people were wrong about mFT so I"m asking you this, do you publicly stand up for other systems when an mFT fanboy starts bad mouthing other systems?

No, I am not expecting everyone to have the correct information about everything, I know that is impossible. I do not quite understand your point and surely you did not understand mine. I am just saying that there is misinformation out there and that misinformation is spread to novices creating wrong impressions. The discussion was about APS and FF equivalence and through that conversation I learned that some people have misconceptions about m4/3. I would have tried to make my point across regardless of the system in discussion. I was frustrated with the dissemination of false information and the closeness to admit an error or to learn something new. Are you willing to learn something new?

Actually if what you said is true, extraordinary as it might be, perhaps you should ask your teacher to actually compare a FF35 and a lesser format at the same focal range.

The DOF difference is quite visible in the viewfinder, even between APS and m4/3 in terms of perspective.

One can later discuss the differences in noise and Dynamic Range. People with prejudices tend to make a whole of very different things, witness those who use Equivalence arguments against m4/3 even here.

These people are like dogs.


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