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Re: Basic Point: It is all about the lenses

I think I would rather buy new excellent lenses for a new mount for the first time, than be having to face rebuying all my lenses to get the better, much more expensive, version II or III models, like Canon and Nikon owners are having to think about in order to keep up with sensor resolution. I don't know who has the type of money to throw down a couple of grand on a lens, in a multitude of $2000 plus lenses needing to be acquired, and I also don't know who wants to carry around ten or twenty grand worth of gear, or lug around fifteen to twenty pounds on their backs? Have you noticed how large and heavy all the new Nikon and Canon lenses are getting? If I was facing that, I might be thinking I would like to try a smaller lighter setup.

Photographers with that kind of money aren't probably going to be getting younger, and probably are even a little older to begin with, so I can guess that some might try it out a lighter smaller solution, and then seeing it's not as bad as Thom makes it out to be, jump right on in. The market is diverging and that's why there isn't a clear path.

That's really what the market is going to, niches for people instead of one size fits all. It seems to me that with the low end DLSR market is becoming more eroded, by becoming more diverse, and that Canon and Nikon are the ones that are going to be in more trouble than the niche players. What niche will Canon and Nikon serve other than the 5% FF DSLR market? Can they even keep that going when they don't have a foundation of entry level owners subsidizing it and the professional market?

Most people aren't stupid and people have a lot more information at their command now as well. They aren't going to keep doing what they have always done. Things change and that is really what has Thom worried. He might not want to see it or even be able to see it intellectually, but he probably feels it like an ache on a cold day in his old bones.

Thank you

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