D600/D610 users with kids: what AF mode do you use?

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Re: D600/D610 users with kids: what AF mode do you use?

Thank you, that sounds very much worth trying!!

AndyW17 wrote:

I set up the AE/AF lock button to force C-AF ON (buried in the menus) and then use CAF on demand. Single/center focus seems to work best for me, but I've seen people comment that using d9 can also work well. I shoot manual, Auto-ISO, and depending on the lighting will set up the minimum ISO to ensure I get the right exposure range, and I pretty much leave aperture set to a reasonable DOF. Trigger button must be set on release, not Focus, with the assumption being that you'll have the C-AF running before you fire the shot so you can just fire when you like the shot.

With a fast lens, the camera does extremely well in most settings.

The settings are saved on U1.

I've used this at social events and triathlons with high success rates.

The main downside is that if you hand the camera to someone else, then they won't remember to hit that AE/AF lock button, so change it before you take a volunteer to do your portrait…..

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