DX/FX sharpness: is there a real difference? (and other DX-FX questions)

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Re: DX/FX sharpness: is there a real difference? (and other DX-FX questions)

Have D90, D7000 and added a D600 about a year ago. I see a substantial difference from the D7000 to the D600.  I have to add, that compared to most of these guys, I'm a relative newbie.  I've learned a lot so some of the difference may be due to improved technique.

D600 and dust.  I've seen it, but only got the courage to attempt to clean it within the last month.  Because I had taken so long (had the camera for a year) some of the dust/oil was pretty persistent.  I did manage to get it clean. Did it one more time after that.  Took less than 10 minutes. I would recommend Copper Hill simply because it is much less expensive than other systems.  Let me say that cleaning the sensor is not that big a deal once you get over the fear of doing damage, assuming you are careful and follow directions. As far as it being annoying, in my own mind (not yours or anyone else's) I compared it to cleaning a firearm. You need to do that every time you shoot, not so with the D600, not nearly, and cleaning a firearm takes much more effort.  i don't see the dust as a big issue.

Luck on your decision, D600 is fun.

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