G1X MII or RX100II?

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Re: G1X MII or RX100II?

Tonkotsu Ramen wrote:

I actually just got rid of my RX100II, lots of small issues that started to affect my usage of the camera. I'll list them and maybe they can help you with your decision. I also have a Canon S90 that I used side by side with the RX100M2.

-Image stabilization on the wide end (28mm) of the RX100M2 is very poor, and the camera defaults to 1/30 or slower when there is low lighting, which resulted in many many many blurry pictures. You can use shutter mode, but that's incredibly limiting for such a pricey camera. I end up with less blurry photos from my S90.

-Screen tits, but not 180 degrees like the G1X Mark II.

-Operation is fast, but because the shutter works so fast, it actually activates faster than the camera can auto focus, which means more blurry photos. So I developed the habit of pressing the shutter 2x, which is kind of silly really.

-F1.8 is only avail on the wide end.

-Lens is very soft when using F1.8 on the wide end, so soft that I think there may have been a malfunction with my copy. Going to F2.8 solves the problem, but its another hassle you need to deal with.

-Lots of rough edges all over the camera, so it's not as easy to slip in a pocket like the S90

-Camera without the grip is awkward to hold

-LCD is rigid and difficult to move around

-Apps are laggy

-Close up macro performance is mediocre despite the 5 cm MFD. It's easier on my canon

-Colors are "sony cold" vs "canon saturated"

-No touch screen

-No auto ISO in M

-shutter button feedback stinks

Once the G1X Mark II was announced, I knew it was the camera for me.

Heck, it saved me from blowing $1,099 on a zeiss lens for my NEX (and I sold the NEX also).

It will provide similar results as my NEX for less than 1/2 of the price.

Now i'm just waiting to see it in person, because the G1X's weight may be a problem (same weight as my Sony A57 without a lens on.....)

That all good info.

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