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Not so unusual to find a poor teacher

You have discovered that some teachers collect their pay, but don't really know much about what they are teaching and probably don't care to know. A few years ago I was talking with a guy who had been teaching for years at a photography school. When I mentioned an old 120 film camera I had he thought that 120 film was in a cartridge. I believe he was confused with 126 film which was in a drop-in cartridge, but 120 film is in a paper backed roll. For someone who taught for years at a photography school where 120, 35mm, large format, etc. were routinely used I was pretty surprised.

He also told me that although he still taught at the school he hadn't actually taken a single photo in a decade or so. He told me he had hundreds of rolls of exposed, but unprocessed 35mm film that he had taken over the years, but had never been interested enough in them to process them. Basically, I determined he was taking up space, collecting his salary, and providing little or no benefit to his students. He sounded like he had probably been burnt out for decades (he was in 60s) and had almost no interest in photography anymore -- if he ever did.

Although not always true, he was an example of those who can't do, teach, and those who can't teach, teach photography.

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