Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8

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Re: Tokina 12-24 F4

DaveOl wrote:

Anyone have any experience with this lens? Is it better than the Tokina 12-24mm f/4 lens which is about half the price.

I may be going to Mammoth Cave next month and have been looking for a fast wide angle lens for my Nikon D 300s. No flash is allowed in the cave.

The only wide angle lens with VR is a Nikon for a lot more money and not as wide.

I may be able to use a monopod, but I will call and ask about it. Someone has suggested a solution from Kirk that screws into your tripod socket and you step on the strap to keep it steady. It is around $ 30 though.

I've got the Tokina 12-24 and it isn't what I'd consider a low light lens like you would want for caves.

Another choice for a steadier monopod:  I attached a cane foot to the bottom of mine.  It took about a half inch of cutting with the hacksaw to let it split wide enough to fit since the canes tend to be wider.  Push the tripod end in and tighten the bolt on the bottom of the cane foot and it's not coming off.  You can stand on it similar to with the strap but I suspect it's got a steadier base on all sides.

Tokina 12-24 moonlight.  25 seconds on a monopod - D90 ISO 100

Cane foot on the bottom of the monopod.

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