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Euell wrote:

quezra wrote:

Euell wrote:

quezra wrote:

Have you shot with the A7 yet? The AF is quite fast as is. So the improvement to whatever a6000 is either likely to be very marginal (i.e. we're not actually missing much), or already actually the same mechanics, only the larger FF sensor/smaller DoF make it harder to achieve given the same processor.

Euell has never shot the A7, and is hoping to generate an artificial storm of dissatisfaction among A7 users, a pattern of other people with their private dissatisfaction hoping to make others unhappy to put 'pressure' on Sony. Too bad most of us who own it are actually too happy with our cameras to care about his raving. If you are an A7 user, how fast do you find the AF? If you're not, then you have lost nothing so why do you care?

By all reports the A7/A7r are great cameras. But, Sony should be taken to task for what I think is contrived obsolescence and a sleazy business practice.

You can't make a claim of 'planned' obsolescence until you see a camera replacement coming in long before a typical replacement cycle. Claiming it will be so based on your flimsy evidence-free hypothesis is laughable.

Are you parallaxproblem in disguise?

Flimsy evidence? Hardly. Given the timing, Sony has to have made a business decision NOT to include the improved auto focus on the A7/A7r. Could have been that it would have delayed the A7/A7r production runs somewhat, or, more likely, there was a marketing decision to wait and include the improved AF in the next A7/A7r iteration. Whichever, Sony could not have been ignorant of the technology when they began marketing the A7/A7r, as they undoubtedly already had the sensor chip prototypes for the A6000 in hand at that time last fall.

for all you know, the technology the A6000 AF is already in the A7, but does not provide the same level of performance at all on a Full Frame sensor.

then where does that leave you and all your discontent claims of forced obsolescence ?

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