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Re: And now we get to the crux of it

hip2 wrote:

Euell wrote:

hip2 wrote:

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neil holmes wrote:

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stevo23 wrote:

Euell wrote:

How could Sony put better AF in its APSc line (A6000) than in its recently created full frame line? What were they thinking? Owners of the A7 and A7r must be really disappointed that their cameras were not endowed with this better technology, since they bought them just in the last few months.

As if that's the only spec that ever mattered in a camera...

The specs are all a moving target, I'm afraid, but I think Sony screwed the good-will pooch in letting out its full-frame cameras and a very few months later letting out an APSC camera with a superior major spec. To be frank, I was considering picking up an A7 or A7R before the A6000 came out. Now, I can see that these are not the "sweet spot" models. Gonna wait, but in the meantime pick up the A6000 to complement the NEX 6 and Canon equipment.

It IS sour grapes but from you since the A7 (and A6000) are not what YOU wanted....too funny.

It is (A7) what I wanted.....completely useless auto focus and all.

Wrong. Already preordered the A6000 from B&H. Definiitely looks promising forAPSC

Well, that's what you say. but with all you're saying, we can only doubt.

and even if you did preorder just to show us a meaningless proof, you can still cancel right away

You are correct, with B&H I could cancel, but so far I haven't seen a reason to, have you?

except if you only preorder (or claim to preorder...) to make some kind of false impression that you are not here to troll

Actually, he might be trying to buy an A7r but is trying to trick you into being concerned about the A6000 so you'll preorder yours and leave that one remaining A7r for himself.

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