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Re: Per a Twitter Conversation...

Scott Greiff wrote:


Yamaki-san even talked about the unique shape of the new DPs saying that at first he wasn't quite sure that the "reverse grip" would work well, but he got very used to it, and preferred it after a few days of shooting. He's confident that it positions the hands for a better grip of the camera. He went to lengths to underscore that stability of the mechanisms of the camera and the grip position are all necessary when you're dealing with the sort of resolution afforded by the new Q sensor.

To understand and embrace the design of dpQ body with emphasis on grip section require open mind and accepting this completely unconventional approach.

As I've mentioned in other thread, my experience with the mock up parallels that of Mr. Yamaki. The more you use this configuration, the more natural and intuitive it feels in hand. Definitely the handling comfort will add to stability of dpQ in handholding shooting position, I have no doubts about that by now. Just want to mention that such demanding tool will benefit from two-handed handling which should be obvious no matter of the grip.

This new proof of unorthodox thinking on Sigma's part is a risky undertaking, especially when a lot of doubters  cannot bring themselves to accept "the new and different" and ridicule the innovation. Nothing new with this scenario in my book.

I strongly believe that on end this design will triumph for this size and weight of camera. It will take some time for (mostly mental) adjusting to this concept. Once you allow your hand-brain connection to work without holding it back, you'll be surprised how quickly the perception changes.

And-no, don't expect my add-on grip for this camera, well... maybe for left side as suggested  but the support for DP Merrill will continue as long as there is a demand 



It probably sounds like Sigma convinced me!


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