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How could Sony put better AF in its APSc line (A6000) than in its recently created full frame line? What were they thinking? Owners of the A7 and A7r must be really disappointed that their cameras were not endowed with this better technology, since they bought them just in the last few months.

As if that's the only spec that ever mattered in a camera...

The specs are all a moving target, I'm afraid, but I think Sony screwed the good-will pooch in letting out its full-frame cameras and a very few months later letting out an APSC camera with a superior major spec. To be frank, I was considering picking up an A7 or A7R before the A6000 came out. Now, I can see that these are not the "sweet spot" models. Gonna wait, but in the meantime pick up the A6000 to complement the NEX 6 and Canon equipment.

Is this your first time buying cameras?

Own several; purchased many. Why do you ask silly questions?

Because it sure sounds like it's the first time you've noticed new tech coming out a few months later that's better that claims to be better than old tech!

You don't get it. My point is not that Sony provided AF technology for an APSc camera that was kept out of a prior full frame camera, but rather that, because of the extremely short interval between introduction of the A7/A7r cameras and the A6000, that AF technology was almost certainly available prior to the production run of the A7/A7r.

Very incorrect assumption. Highly incorrect. Development cycles on these things run in the 1-2 year time frame. Getting them all into one device is nearly impossible. I've been there - it's not like ordering a swing set from Costco.

In other words, Sony has once again, I think, based its marketing strategy on deliberate contrived planned obsolescence designed to part you from your hard earned lucre as quickly as possible. Can you deny this with any evidence to the contrary?

The burden of proof is on you actually. I get that you're sour grapes - I get that. Just get over it already.

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