And THIS is why I'm switching to Fuji from Sony...

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pew pew wrote:

57LowRider wrote:

pew pew wrote:

Its weird the hate sony gets in the Fuji forum, both systems have great cameras, jeez the fanboyism.

Undeserved, I'm sure. I was just thinking it was weird how many Sony threads there were in the Fuji forum, is this the overspill car-park?

I´m pretty sure thats not true, go there and see if you see a single tread about fuji in the recent history, and if you see any post might be someone considering buying a fuji.

There are lots of conversations on the Nikon forum when Canon brings out a hot new competitor, and vice-versa. That seems totally to be expected.  And honestly, I see just as much griping about Sony's lens strategy on the Sony forums as I do here.

Pointing out that Sony hasn't delivered on the NEX promise can't just be written off as hate if it's true.

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