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Re: Especially a Sony system

liquid stereo wrote:

Sony has the track record that is not enviable.

They throw many things at the wall and see what sticks.

DSLRs didn't stick.

DSLT didn't stick.

NEX didn't stick

FE - does it stick?

And they have 4 (or 2) mounts to create lenses for. As an old-school A-mounter, I gave up waiting for them to make the lenses I wanted. I'd hate to be in the FE- club.... All that being said, Sony is doing what any company is doing - trying to be profitable.


NEX is pretty successful. They were introduced after m43, and they have mirrorless market share close to Panasonic & Olympus combined.

Although mirrorless market share is currently static, most of the innovation is happening on the mirrorless side, and it is a good bet it will take off again as AF converges to DSLR speed.

Sony may have re-named it, but the NEX line is alive and successful, and the FE line augments APS-C NEX the same way Nikon FX augments DX.

I think the story of Sony cameras is that they try everything, and sometimes they hit and sometimes that miss, but lately the hit rate is improving (NEX, RX). Hogan's point is that they have over-extended themselves optically and that puts them at a disadvantage relative to Canon and Nikon. Certainly m43 has a broader lens line, and pros that go mirrorless seem to go m43 rather than Nex for that reason.

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