On recent cameras: EM-1, XT-1, A6000 ...

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My take

1) Sony
2) FUji
3) EM1

Body controls:

1) EM1 (touchscreen)
2) Fuji (no touchscreen)
3) Sony (no touchscreen, few controls on the body -> bad move)

1) EM1
2) SOny and Fuji

Build quality
1) EM1
2) Fuji
3) Sony

1) Fuji
2) EM1
3) Sony

1) Where we know how EM1 does, we do not know that yet of the other two.

1) Sony
2) Fuji
3) EM1

1) Sony
2) EM1 and Fuji

1) SOny
2) EM1
3) Fuji

Since you hop from this to buying the cam, more things come into consideration:

Systemsize (we are not buying bodies here):
1) EM1
2) Sony
3) FUji

Lens line up (still buying systems)
1) EM1
2) Fuji and Sony (Sony more choice, Fuji better IQ)

Best cam out there? There is none! It simply depends on how important each of these differences are to you...But EM1 was elected best cam of the year by dpreview and luminous landscape...

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