Anybody here using base-ISO exclusively or predominantly?

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Re: interesting question

Good points.  Digital sensors have gotten better and better and will continue to do so.  The accepted digital equivalent to grain is noise.  Like grain, by itself noise is neutral...neither adding to or subtracting from artistic intent.  In color film the choices were negative film, which never could be processed consistently or slide film which had a crazy overexposure fall off.  Digital gives us a quick review of our images but has an even crazier falloff to overexposure.  That's the warning in my mind to ETTR.  The concept of ETTR isn't to take care with exposure and adjust appropriately, rather it's to Always overexpose and somehow things will be better.  Rubbish!

Over time digital sensors and processors got better and better and better.  Even assuming that noise is the enemy of good photography (it isn't) we can see that today's cameras give remarkably clean results at unheard of ISO's.  This makes ETTR even less of a good idea.

Finally, most cameras today have an "ETTR Trial button."  Also known as bracketing.  Bracket your shots, have a look, process each carefully, have another look.  I've done this repeatedly.  Lo and behold I've found exactly zero instances where I thought ETTR was a good idea. Nor have I had any examples from others that changed my mind.

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