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Re: On recent cameras: EM-1, XT-1, A6000 ...

120 to 35 wrote:

Your comparison is detailed on quantitative differences. Such differences sometimes count a lot, for example when you compare weight, and sometimes not much, for example a few stops in the high ISO range.

You do mention qualitative aspects but only in passing. For example when you mention the fact the A6000 is similar to the NEX-6, which you prefer to the NEX-7.

Camera can be very different in the ergonomics (how you use the the camera to take various types of shots). Provided the cameras produce good pictures (which all these cameras do), user experience trumps numerical comparisons.

The A6000 seems to improve usability on the NEX-6 in some areas as far as I can tell. One is the menu system but there are possibly other areas. It is these "details" that count more than rather anodyne figures that are always printed on camera boxes.

All very true.

We have seen debates here comparing e.g. E-M1 versus A7, which directly poses questions as to IQ, DOF and ISO. The E-M1, XT-1 and A6000 are closer in this regard, with my nod going to the A6000, per the original analysis. But it is also showing my preferences - other people may weigh different factors.

The A7 is 'better' than the Nex-6 (and Nex-7) in a number of ways, menus being one and camera body & handling being another one.

But if I had to recommend a travel camera to a friend, I would recommend the A6000 by far (in fact, I just did), with just the E1650P kit lens and the E35/1.8 OSS lens. Mind you, this will cost you roughly the same as the E-M1 body-only or the XT-1 body-only. Something to contemplate.

Then, when I start looking at the A6000 features, in context of other products, I realized that it is quite an amazing set of features that you get in a very small package, with the same 24Mp IQ as the original Nex-7 for quite a bit less.

Do I see the A6000 as the A7's little brother? Not at all. It is a complete camera that let's you do everything. But, using the A7 now under low-light indoors, and getting used to its different handling, the A7 is a more rewarding experience, with higher IQ. The drawback is a heavier bag to carry.

Below are some Nex-6 travel shots that came out well, even under low light, check the link below. But I know that the A7 would have surpassed this easily on the shots at ISO 2000 and above. I still want to see the A6000 perform under similar low-light. I expect that will be alike the Nex-7 in this regard: low light ISO noise gets reduced by downsampling, so the 24Mp is not 24Mp any longer under low light. But we will see.

I do think that high ISO comes into play, even when traveling, and fast lenses are a must.

But I also like camera compactness, and the small Nex-6/A6000 (heck, even the Nex-5N) are still unbeatable, imho.


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