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Re: For WiFi use EyeFi card

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

Scott Greiff wrote:


The level is definitely in the camera. Doesn't look like touchscreen is in, tho.

The French review said no touchscreen (they were wishing for one).

What about wi-fi? Tethering? Mobile app wireless tethering & control like Panasonic?

WiFi would be great, but after the beating they took with the Merrills and battery life, I would think they would be served by being conservative in this area...

I totally agree, not to mention the cameras would cost more for a feature few people used. You can just use an EyeFi card to get the same effect, probably with better performance...

Have you used an EyeFi card? Total PITA. WiFi on cameras give you much more interactive control of what to transfer and when.


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