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Especially a Sony system

Jefenator wrote:

Good article.

It does seem like a bit of a strange and treacherous time to be buying in to a system.

I've heard a few sentiments to the effect that Sony should now stay the course. If the latest rumor of the week is true, they may be doing that by concentrating on FE lenses. If they can inspire some confidence by filling out the lineup more quickly than expected, and really get the AF together to back up the hype, in the full-frame bodies, that could really be something.

All the while, I'm biding my time with a bunch of legacy lenses and an A7 (all set from 17mm to 300mm thank you very much). Hopefully by the time this body wears out, a clear long-term strategy will emerge. I like what Sony is doing so far with high-performance primes for the FE lineup. I'm a bit hesitant to invest, however after failing to sell my old SEL24f18z at a pretty substantial loss (and I bought that used).

Sony has the track record that is not enviable.

They throw many things at the wall and see what sticks.

DSLRs didn't stick.

DSLT didn't stick.

NEX didn't stick

FE - does it stick?

And they have 4 (or 2) mounts to create lenses for. As an old-school A-mounter, I gave up waiting for them to make the lenses I wanted. I'd hate to be in the FE- club.... All that being said, Sony is doing what any company is doing - trying to be profitable.


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