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Re: I think Thom makes valid points....

tesilab wrote:

I'm glad your lenses are still working, and I hope they continue to do so. But how long is it fair to expect them to continue to work with all the electronic complexity involved?

A lens just needs to auto-focus and move aperture blades; eventually doing stabilisation. Nikon and Canon do since quite a few time, and there's no visible reason for which they should change. Indeed, I do think they will stay the same for quite a long time. It is also quite possible to enhance the interface between the lens and the camera by staying backward compatible, as Nikon and Canon (specially the former) did.

Focusing by wire is definitely nice, but not a needed feature. I think that mirrorless makers were right in introducing it, since they took the chance of implementing it in brand new systems. Then I expect that the new mirrorless mounts stabilise.

Some of us are shooting with 50 year old lenses with no problem. "Disposable commodities" doesn't sound right, because they are so expensive, but we have to face facts. Lenses won't have the life expectancy they used too, unless they are superbly made all mechanical designs.

Well, so far manufacturers were able to. I don't see why Sony, Olympus, Panasonic and Fuji shouldn't be able to, unless they're doing planned obsolescence, which would make me very angry.

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