Pentax vs. Nikon....are there any Pentax shooters that have used a d7000 or d7100?

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Re: Pentax vs. Nikon....are there any Pentax shooters that have used a d7000 or d7100?

I've shot Nikon digital cameras for ten years.  And you'll mostly see me posting on the Pentax forums, strange.  Anyway, I had some PK/A lenses from the late film era and decided to get a K-5, 2 1/2 years ago so I could use them again.  It proved to be an excellent IQ and rugged camera so I added a few K mount lenses.  I've sold a lot of my Nikon system but I still have a D7100 and two lenses - Nikkor 16-85 and Tamron 200-500.  The D7100 has about 4500 on the shutter count and one of those is my current "best selling " landscape (16-85 at f/5.6 and 35mm ISO100 1/500).  The D7100 is an excellent camera in good light.  It will focus down to -2ev and f/2.8.  Nikon focus tracking is excellent.  The Toshiba sensor suffers a bit from shadow banding at higher ISO in my opinion and I've been using Topaz denoise for that in post.  Overall it's a  fine camera but the features are less than the new K-3.  I sold another big chunk of gear and got a K-3 this year.  It focuses down to -3ev & I haven't yet dealt with a lot of shadow banding in the raws.  After firmware 1.02 the AF-C is as good as any and the frame buffer holds more images plus the raw files are a full 14-bit (Sony users take note).  The frame rate is faster and the camera balances the lens well.  The shutter is a sophisticated dampened 200000 mtbf shutter that will give excellent results off of a tripod.  Any lens one puts on there is 4 stop SR built into the camera.  I'm just now getting up to speed on the camera but I believe I'm going to like it a lot.

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