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Re: Per a Twitter Conversation...

PrebenR wrote:

Scott Greiff wrote:

I had a conversation on Twitter with @ka_tate and it seems the low-light performance increase is around one stop.

For colour?

It also sounds like the hardware is pretty much baked at this point. The only thing hold up release is the software. Once this is done, release should follow quickly.

There is no SD replacement on the horizon until all three of the DP cameras ship. I doubt we'll see a new DSLR body at Photokina this year. A prototype? Perhaps.

Looking at the photo in this thread we're only looking at an actual 16% increase in resolution.

Having gotten the not-so-great parts out of the way, I'm looking forward to improvements in operational speed. Perhaps it'll even be reviewed here! That'll be a plus!

Have you gotten any indications as to write speeds. Hope they have managed to also improve hardware and not only file size.

Just watched Yamaki-san's presentation at CP+ on the Q, and he mentions that the new system can write files at around 5 seconds where the current Merrills are at around 12.  So, yes, it should be a LOT more responsive in that respect.

He also touched on low-light sensitivity and did say that it increased about a stop, but that they were still working on that, so it may be a bit different when the camera(s) ship, but he did say that honestly, Foveon's strong suit is not (and will never likely be) low-light capabilities.  He said that the Sigmas are a certain type of camera, and that if you need low-light prowess, you probably be using the tool best suited to that.  I found his honesty refreshingly frank.

That said, he did try to address the shortcomings with the current Merrills in terms of battery life, the new sensor and system is supposed to be more economic when it comes to energy use.

After watching his presentation, I am totally sold on the 1:1:4 innovation with the sensor.  They are confident that because the leading layer captures more detail that they can directly translate that to the layers below without having to sample every single location at the same detail that the top layer samples.

Yamaki-san even talked about the unique shape of the new DPs saying that at first he wasn't quite sure that the "reverse grip" would work well, but he got very used to it, and preferred it after a few days of shooting.  He's confident that it positions the hands for a better grip of the camera.  He went to lengths to underscore that stability of the mechanisms of the camera and the grip position are all necessary when you're dealing with the sort of resolution afforded by the new Q sensor.

It probably sounds like Sigma convinced me!


Thanks! I'm also sold on it. 14 bit, better b&w, faster write, improved ISO, level and design and handling looks great.

Lightwriting with Sigma

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