On recent cameras: EM-1, XT-1, A6000 ...

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Re: On recent cameras: EM-1, XT-1, A6000 ...

Your comparison is detailed on quantitative differences. Such differences sometimes count a lot, for example when you compare weight, and sometimes not much, for example a few stops in the high ISO range.

You do mention qualitative aspects but only in passing. For example when you mention the fact the A6000 is similar to the NEX-6, which you prefer to the NEX-7.

Camera can be very different in the ergonomics (how you use the the camera to take various types of shots). Provided the cameras produce good pictures (which all these cameras do), user experience trumps numerical comparisons.

The A6000 seems to improve usability on the NEX-6 in some areas as far as I can tell. One is the menu system but there are possibly other areas. It is these "details" that count more than rather anodyne figures that are always printed on camera boxes.

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