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Give it a rest!

Euell wrote:

And you don't get that a sensor about twice the size with larger glass and thinner DoF probably does not have the same AF capabilities given the same processor. I'd love it if it were merely firmware fixable, and do you honestly think Sony wouldn't put it in a firmware update and seal up this MILC space for good? If planned obsolescence is the goal, then we should see a new model within 1 year. But look at NEX-7, A77 ... they aren't even replacing those 2+ years later, even when they could at any time have slipped one or two new cool toys into it and called it a day (which is what Canon does: add one incremental improvement and call it the 'new' model). Even NEX-6 took 1.5 years for a replacement. Look at RX1R ... how come it didn't get A7 AF tech? It's even the same sensor! It is you who has no evidence of this alleged "planned obsolescence".

Look, you don't have an A7. You lost nothing. Why all the faux concern for us who are perfectly happy with our A7s?

The A7 and A7r are both FINE CAMERAS. Absolutely, no doubt. If you want to defend Sony's business practices, fine. I don't.Nor do I have a "faux concern" for purchasers of the A7/A7r purchasers. Really the concern is that without public awareness Sony is likely to continue and even expand what I consider to be sleazy business practices that will affect all of us.

Obviously, the AF on the A6000 cannot be engrafted upon the A7/A7r with a firmware fix, because it is sensor-related. Could Sony have included the improved AF in the A7/A7r? I believe so and I believe Sony intentionally withheld that technology to provide a reason for a quick update of the A7/A7r. It is unlikely the update would come in 2014, but my guess is an update will likely come in 2015 ad maybe early 2015. But, regardless, these cameras are competent tools and will take good pics. Peronally, I am leaning towards Canon with respect to full frame due mainly to my Canon lens inventory. The NEX is used for international travel for non-wildlife photography to keep down volume and enhance portability on planes and so far I have been mostly pleased with the photographic results. With respect to APSc vs. full frame, I print on paper sizes 13x19, 17x22 and 17x25. I have some pretty good cropped 17x22 prints that were taken with the 10 megapixel Canon 40D, so have not really been in a hurry to move to full frame, although I do miss the low light advantage.

Let it be please!

Sony put out the cameras it wanted to in the A7 and the A7R at the time it wanted to.

NOBODY had to buy either and I chose to buy the A7 on the specs it had ....not what may or may not, could or could not have been included.

Could Sony have put out a camera with "better auto focus"?.....maybe, possibly who knows...the point is I don't care and I bought the camera they DID put out and a camera I am VERY happy with.

I am sure a Sony camera will come out soon that DOES have better af than the A7/ what, my A7 will still work fine.

The A7/A7R may well have been a bit rushed to market....again, so what .....they work as designed...not as they are NOT designed!.

May I suggest you go take some photos now with your A6000....oh wait you can't.....

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