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Re: Sony kit lens.

Here is the review of the 16-50pz

"The Sony E 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS broke a couple of records but unfortunately not in the positive sense. Its uncorrected distortion and vignetting figures are nothing short of insane. So Sony obviously doesn’t want the lens to be used without enabled aberration compensation."

There are a ton of people on the Sony forum that share my dislike of that lens.  At 16mm wide open, the corners are 5EV darker than the center!

Photato wrote:

particleman78 wrote:

You must be kidding or never used the Sony 16-50mm PZ. I own an NEX and actually like the system when paired with some of the better e-mount lenses. But the 16-50pz is arguably the worst lens I have ever used. The only redeeming quality is its size and weight, it has horrible vignetting in the corners, and it isn't sharp. The vignetting on that lens is so bad that even if you correct for the vignetting in software, you end up with significantly more noise in the corners. The lens on the G1X mark 1 was much better than the 16-50pz, and the lens on the mark 2 is a stop faster that the one on the mark 1.

The Sony 16-50pz couldn't do the 16mp sensor justice, having 24mp with that lens is pointless.

Photato wrote:

Problem is, the Canon lens is not that impressive, telling by the Canon samples they released.

I'd put it at the same level as the A6000 16-50 kit in optical performance. Granted both have different range and apertures.

Well, imaging resource thinks very differently than you, and have the data to prove it.

"Sony 16-50mm lens review: Finally a compact NEX kit lens that we can recommend"

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