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I thought Thom was dead on

Having been a user of many of those systems over the last decade, yes even Pentax, I don't disagree with his major premise, which is that no current camera maker is currently trustworthy as we enter this next potential pivot - mirrorless and how that affects the primary lens mount of each camera maker.

I disagree, slightly, with Thom's final conclusion when he advises specific Canon and Nikon bodies because I think that Thom hasn't applied his major premise well in this instance - its unclear how the Canon and Nikon mounts will be able to move forward into and through this next pivot point.  Sure Canon and Nikon could keep their current mounts and try to make them work in a mirrorless world, but IMHO there are a lot of challenges.

I agree with Thom about Pentax, even though I just helped my sister buy a K5 Mark II (or whatever its called), because it is really unclear where they can go.

I agree with Thom about Sony and m43, and also question Sony's ... stability... given the number of focus changes they have had since buying Minolta.  Starting from their refusal to repair Minolta lenses to the focus shift to mirrorless full frame ... people may think and hope they know what Sony is doing but IMHO its hard to trust.

I don't think Thom paid enough attention to Fuji and Samsung.  Two very different sets of camera DNA, but with their own respective strengths each has the ability to do something interesting - if not special.

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