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Re: I think Thom makes valid points....

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A point Thom could learn is that lenses are becoming disposable commodities too. The trend really started with the arrival of AF systems and accelerated over last few years with drive by wire designs from all manufacturers. Another key to disposability is increased ease of replacing systems.

totally disagree. I've been building my Nikon lens collection since 1999/2000, that's almost 15 years, and they are all AF and still working. I don't like to waste money and if I'm going to spend several hundreds euros for a lens, it's going to stay for a very long time.

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Fabrizio Giudici

My oldest AF lenses are from the 80s. They work on Sony bodies today as they were intended to, may be better because the AF system has been improved significantly since that 1985 Minolta a7000. They even work on my NEX bodies since Sony chose to support screw drive lenses.

Nikon has slowly eroded that screw drive lens support. Nikon bodies are also finicky about metering. So, the issue has been there. And we are not talking about the additional challenges with mirrorless technology yet. If the legacy PDAF lenses can transition transparently into mirrorless world, great... more hope. If they don't... You will see more of what you should with Nikon CX. More drive by wire? You bet.

Then look at Canon 85/1.2. It is an EF lens, but does it allow anything but drive by wire?

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