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Re: Questions after questions

mrkr wrote:

Scott Greiff wrote:

I had a conversation on Twitter with @ka_tate and it seems the low-light performance increase is around one stop.

Who is ka_tate? Are his claims backed up by hard evidence? How reliable are his claims? 'Seems' or is (and what does 'around' mean)?

Just watched Yamaki-san's video in its entirety and what @ka_tate said pretty much is confirmed by that video.  I summarize it in another message.

It also sounds like the hardware is pretty much baked at this point. The only thing hold up release is the software. Once this is done, release should follow quickly.

Pretty vague: 'sounds like', 'should'. In other words: no clue, no hard evidence?

Pretty vague indeed. Did you need the Quattro this weekend? Well, I guess you should put your money elsewhere, in that case.

There is no SD replacement on the horizon until all three of the DP cameras ship. I doubt we'll see a new DSLR body at Photokina this year. A prototype? Perhaps.


I do not know, so I said "perhaps".

Looking at the photo in this thread we're only looking at an actual 16% increase in resolution.

Linear? Area? '16% increase in resolution' as such is totally meaningless.

Again, this was confirmed by Yamaki-san's presentation.  Effective black & white resolution gains, according to Sigma's own tests, show a rough gain of 16% (on that measure).  He also seemed very convinced that color resolution would not suffer at all and would show similar gains.

Having gotten the not-so-great parts out of the way, I'm looking forward to improvements in operational speed. Perhaps it'll even be reviewed here! That'll be a plus!

'Not so great parts'? Seriously?

Honestly, at first, I personally didn't think much of a one-stop gain in low-light capabilities nor the 16% gain in resolution.  I never ever need all of the resolution the Merrills give me today.  The only thing I get is the ability to crop more.  But that's just the way I shoot.  My evaluation of these gains are personal and subjective.  If they mean more to you, then awesome!


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